Listen up, fans of Jennifer Lopez and ‘American Idol.’ When she has something to reveal about her future with the show, she will do it directly.

The diva took to Twitter to address the spiraling rumors that she is leaving the show after this season, which is her second year as a judge. She posted on her feed that she will let people know when she makes her decision.

Turns out her brief bout with baby blues isn’t the only topic she is being misquoted about!

Lopez, who told Ellen DeGeneres on her namesake show that she “enjoys” the show, intimated that it may be time to move on. She stated, “This is my second year. I don’t know if I can go for a third year. I miss doing other things. It really does lock you down.” Sounds like she was musing out loud without confirming anything. But the press took it and ran with it, and everyone is wondering, “Will J. Lo be back?”

Lopez’s two tweets on the matter are below. She says that she is not leaving. She just hasn’t made her choice to stay or go yet. Of course, we’re sure the producers of the shows have seen this media blitz that ensued from her being vocal about her status and surely want her to stay. It could be a subtle way for the singer / actress to bargain for a salary bump for Season 12 in 2013.

Lopez also tweeted that when she makes her decision, she will share it forthrightly.

Check out her tweets. And stop speculating and gossiping — give a girl some breathing room. And vote in our poll (below) about who should replace La Lopez should she decide to bounce from the show.

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