KTSM Chief Meteorologist Monica Cortez shared some very exciting news on social media. She’s engaged.

Viewers of her 6 and 10 p.m. forecasts on the nightly news may have noticed some shiny, new bling on her formally naked ring finger as I recently did. A stalker-like scroll through her social media resulted in the discovery of a selfie dated Jan. 1 prominently featuring the engagement ring, and captioned, “Going into the New Year with Love, Hope, a whole lot of Happiness... and a little something extra.”

I reached out to the betrothed meteorologist for the romantic details as I had all kinds of questions. Who is he, where did he propose, how did he propose, when is the big day, how many babies do you hope to have? -- you know all the stuff us nosy people have to know.

"His name is Daniel Hernandez, and he’s the Local Sales Manager at KTSM,” Cortez shared with me in an email. And, yes, he got down on bended knee.

Here’s how Daniel locked her down -- um, I mean, how that magical moment transpired.

Monica Cortez Twitter
Monica Cortez Twitter

“He lives on the 3rd floor of his apartment complex that is next to a church with a big parking lot,” Monica recounted. “The location is important,” she assures me.

“On December 31st, while he and I were talking about how great our relationship had been during a trying year, he asked me to join him outside in the balcony. I walked with him hand-in-hand and he began to explain what a dark year 2020 had been for both him and I, but our love had always found a way to light up our lives.”

Remember that whole “light” thing, because, like the location of his apartment, it’s central to the plot.

I remember it almost being right on cue, I saw little lights (which I later found out were electric candles) lit up right across the apartment complex on the church's parking lot, spelling out "Will You Marry Me.

As soon as I made the message out, I immediately turned around to look at him, and he was on one knee!!!

The number of exclamation marks should tell you he wasn’t down on one knee because he was having some kind of medical issue.

Monica Cortez
Monica Cortez

As far as the I do’s, Monica tells me they haven’t set a wedding date, because, well, pandemic. And the number of babies they’re shooting for? Two. Two hairy, but adorable, four-legged ones for now.

Mazel tov, y’all. Congratulations on building a life and corresponding mountain of debt together.

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