Welcome to another week of El Paso's "Stay Home, Work Safe" order that has just been extended. In order to comply with the "work safe" part of the order, we here at the station are doing our best to maintain our distance as we all are in different studios.For news anchors, it gets a bit more tricky because they're actually in front of a camera; so for them, some have opted to broadcast from home.

Anchors are broadcasting from their living rooms and I. AM. INVESTED! I'm a real nosy person, I LOVE looking into other people's homes. I want to see people's living rooms, let me see that crown molding, is there exposed brick? I want to see their kitchens, does the back splash match the counter tops? Point is, I'm nosy. So ever since our local news anchors have started broadcasting from their homes, I've paid way more attention to the news. Starting from least to best, here are some of my favorites. Am I being judgy? Yes, but it's the apocalypse and there are no rules.

Ranking of EP Anchor's Living Rooms

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