Suspects plead not guilty in the case of the brutal rape and murder of Victoria Martens from Albuquerque, New Mexico Friday morning sending social media in an uproar. 

New York Daily News

Victoria Martens mother, Michelle Martens, the woman’s boyfriend Fabian Gonzales and his cousin Jessica Kelley are charged with child abuse resulting in death, aggravated criminal sex penetration of child under 13, kidnapping and tampering with evidence in connection with the killing of Victoria Martens. And this morning in an arraignment, they all pleaded “Not Guilty”.

Just three weeks after the girl was drugged, sexually assaulted and killed on August 24th. She was stabbed and strangled. Police say the girl’s mother told investigators after her arrest that the other suspects drugged and assaulted her daughter as she watched. She allegedly also told police she looked for men online and at work to sexually assault her daughter. The story has just gotten worse and worse as more details come out.

The 3 will now await their trial in jail on a cash-only 1 million dollar bond each.