A few days ago, a video of strangers busting open a window to rescue two kids from a hot car went viral. Witnesses said the mom of the little boy and girl was getting her hair cut and left her kids in the strip center parking lot. Police weren't called, and the woman and her kids went on their way. Now we know why the police weren't called. The kids were never left in the car. Witnesses got the story wrong.

The mom in question was seen on video in one of the strip mall businesses with her kids. When she went to her vehicle, she put her kids in their car seats, but when she closed the door, she realized the keys were inside. She ran to get help, and a man in the store she had been in was the one who broke the window of the car. The woman can be seen climbing into the vehicle in the viral video.

With so many horrible 'child left in hot car' stories being reported this summer, it was easy to assume that this was just another in a long line of bad parents. Thankfully, in this case, that wasn't the case.



Imagine you're walking in the parking lot of a strip mall on a hot day and you see two kids crying in a hot car. Do you stand there and wait for their mom to show up? Not if you're the shoppers who came upon that scene in Katy, Texas. They smashed the window of the Jeep the kids were in and saved them!

It was Monday afternoon when the kids mom decided to go get her hair cut. Instead of taking her kids with her, she left them in her vehicle on a day when temperatures soared past 90 degrees. Other shoppers saw the little boy and girl and sprang into action, using a hammer to break open the window and rescue the kids.

So, the mom was lead away in handcuffs, right? Well, take a listen to what happened next:

You keep hearing about kids who are left in vehicles, but if it's just for a few minutes, they'll be okay, won't they? Take a look at the video of a man who decided to see what it would feel like to sit in a car on a hot day:

It's not okay to leave any living thing in a car on a hot day. The woman in Katy was lucky that no one called the police. You might not be so lucky - and your kids might not, either.