Just when you thought you were finished with your Christmas shopping, along come the friend for whom you didn't buy a gift, with a gift for you!  AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! 

I had just walked up to the front door of my house after a very, very long day when I heard a car stop on the street behind me.  I turned around and saw a friend who I don't see often even though we both live in El Paso.  We tend to keep up with emails and texts.  She has young kids and I had kids when I was young, so our lives move at different speeds.  She deals with bake sales and peewee football games, I get to rock and roll at the 80's party!  We usually don't exchange gifts but do manage to go out to lunch during the Christmas season, but here she was with a HUGE gift wrapped box!  AT MY FRONT DOOR!  There was no hiding! 

We went inside and I opened the box and inside was the most beautiful faux fur throw I've ever seen.  It was heavier than the ones you get at WalMart and really soft.  She said she hopes it brings me sweet dreams when I nap after work.  Well, of course it will!  It was given to me by a dear friend who expected nothing in return, and I thank her for it and her kind thoughts!

Little does she know that she will be getting a gift certificate in her e-mail from a lovely day spa for a day of beauty and a promise by me to watch the monsters while Mommy goes and pampers herself!  Thank goodness for the internet!  And thank goodness for old friends!

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