There are some dudes in Texas who deserve major props for their creativity and humor. A YouTuber Blake Messick and his buddies have definitely shown their comedic side in their town.

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Now, most of you should be familiar with the Hollywood sign on the mountain in California. Now you're probably wondering what could the Hollywood sign have anything to do with Austin?

Well, it definitely motivated a group of guys in Austin, Texas to give the city the same love. KVUE Abc shared the story of Blake Messick and his friends and their great idea to build Austin its own Hollywood sign.

Blake Messick spent about $300 purchasing all the supplies he would need to create an Austin sign. The guys created a 7-foot sign of letters that spell out Austin and placed it near the Pennybacker Bridge.

In Blake Messick's YouTube video (above), he talks about how Austin is the new Los Angeles. But we can all agree about that remark to a certain extent.

I don't think it is only Austin that Cali natives are heading to in Texas. But I sure do agree with Blake Messick about not being scared when more Californians move to Texas.

This was a process and time-consuming job that was certainly worth it in the end. I got to admit though I think it would be pretty dope if someone could do this on the Franklin Mountains somehow.

Sure we already have letters painted on the Franklin Mountains except those letters represent high schools. But it would be neat to have a sign for El Paso, especially near the star on the mountain.

The cool thing is for our city we luckily have the option to use either two letters for EP or the six for El Paso. Considering the money and climb most of us would be satisfied with just EP.

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