Have you heard those rumors about Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus flirting quite a bit at a club? Yeah, we have too. Apparently Selena Gomez has too and she is not happy about them.

A source said (via Perez Hilton), "It was already over with Justin, but seeing him hang out with Miley was the last straw for Selena." Girl, your friends hating on the Biebs should have  been a good indication as to whether he was a good boyfriend, but who are we to criticize?

They continued, "She’s not a Miley fan by any means and feels like Justin purposely did it just to piss her off. She’s completely severing ties with him now." Do we smell a Disney Channel Battle Royale coming on? JK, we hope it doesn't get to that point, especially because Miley is engaged, which sort of makes this gossip a little ridiculous. Also, she totally denied doing anything wrong and dismissed the rumors as "impossible."

Either way, it seems like Jelena are no longer. According to RadarOnline source, Selena broke up with the Biebs for good last week. The source explained, "She doesn’t see herself getting back together with him and just needs to move on."

Well there ya have it people. Jelena is allegedly no more and Selena Gomez ain't no Miley fan.