Justin Bieber can't seem to break away from car trouble. The pop star was investigated last night for allegedly hitting a photog and driving away -- but has now been cleared of any wrongdoing.

TMZ captured the above footage of the June 17 incident when a crowd of frothing paps swarmed the BieberMobile as he left the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles with good friend (and fellow bad driver) Lil Twist.

After trying for several minutes to clear a path for his Ferrari, Justin eventually took off, thinking all was well -- but ultimately wound up pinning a pap between another car and his as he sped away. The guy's okay, but did require treatment for a "non life-threatening leg injury."

After investigating, police determined it was the photog's fault for being a pedestrian in a roadway, and they let JB off the hook in yet another car-related incident. (Maybe it's time he just bought himself a Segway.)

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