As Halloween approaches, so does the frustration with putting your costume together.

Some people who are scrambling last minute to get all the accessories that go with their costume might not consider if the accessory could actually mess you up.

One of the easiest ways to harm your body during Halloween is by wearing fun contacts.

As a contact user, those little shells can really dry your eye and cause so much discomfort.

They also can cause infections. I have seen people just repeatedly take out and put in their contacts without washing their hands. This is a huge NO, NO!

Make sure to pay attention to the contacts you are purchasing for your costume. Especially if you buy them off Facebook Marketplace, eBay, YouTube or off someone's Facebook post.

I see a lot of El Pasoans go all out for the costumes, including spicing up their eyes. People who are nearly blind like me, sadly can not wear these costume contests without glasses or to have them prescribed.

I have looked into them, and they are PRETTY expensive.

What is also scarier than most costumes are the comments from people who share their horror stories about using costume contact lenses.

The ones that make me squirm involve people using their nails to pull out their contacts. That is a huge NO NO!

For those who use contacts every day, we know how to safely put them on but for those who can see clearly, this can sometimes be difficult. Trust me, never use your nails.

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