Picking the perfect costume can be pretty tough. Especially when you are trying to find a unique costume that will really make you the star of any Halloween party. That is why you usually need to get creative and make it yourself. Any store bought costume will easily be seen all over the streets and that is not cool, man.

El Paso is filled with beauty and creativity everywhere you look. I honestly would love to see people dress up as at least one of these amazing, beloved El Paso icons. Here is my top seven El Paso-themed costumes I need to create before I die or move away.

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    The Amigo Man

    I feel everyone should wear red boots every day. If you are too embarrassed, find the courage of Amigo Man! This adorable mascot is a perfect choice as an El Paso costume because you can easily find his outfit around El Paso. Yellow body paint is optional.

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    ASARCO Tower

  • Getty Images For dcp
    Getty Images For dcp


    Khalid is the hottest thing happening in El Paso and really all over the world. As an artist with some SERIOUS style, you can totally copy his look with this pink AMA outfit. Honestly any of his video/instagram looks are pretty amazing. Just make sure you get the hair right.

  • Emily Slape/Paydirt
    Emily Slape/Paydirt

    Paydirt Pete

    Paydirt Pete is another costume that is really easy to gather. Just get a gigantic mustache and jaw. A UTEP jersey, blue jeans and a brown cowboy hat. Finish it off with a pickaxe and you are good to go!

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    Chico the Chihuahua

    Chico the Chihuahua is the beloved El Paso Chihuahuas mascot and a perfect Halloween costume. You can just get an El Paso Chihuahuas jersey, possibly a body suit of hair, and a headband with dog ears. This costume is perfect for those who want to pull pranks or be rude during Halloween parties, the same way Chico acts during baseball games.

  • KISS El Paso
    KISS El Paso

    Beto O'Rourke

    Another beloved El Pasoan is talk of the country, especially since the Texas senate race is quickly approaching. As the 2018 Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate, Beto O'Rourke is a popular guy with a pretty known style. A nice blue dress shirt, nice slacks and some nice pepper color hair. To add the cool factor, make sure you spray yourself down with water to look sweaty, just like Beto on the campaign trail.

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    An Orange Barrel

    You see them all over El Paso. You have probably almost hit one while trying to make it through traffic. An orange barrel has brought scary thoughts of being late to work/school to some drivers. Even though these barrels probably bring more anger than anything, you will probably be a hit at your Halloween party if you go as an orange barrel. The best part of the costume is playing the part by standing in front of people. Just get an orange barrel, possibly buy one from TxDot, cut arm, and head holes and put it on. During the night, just plop yourself down in really inconvenient places.

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