A nice stack of pancakes, cereal, waffles, eggs & bacon... doesn't matter what you have for breakfast, Texas loves a good breakfast meal.

Breakfast with bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast

We've heard of an English breakfast, but what about a Texas breakfast? Well the challenging thing is... what exactly IS a Texas breakfast & how do you make accurately one?

A Reddit user named "sir_piddles_worth", posted an image of his Texas brinner:

Not a bad choice. However, other Reddit users were quick to throw their suggestions:

  • "littlewitten" says "I’d argue tortillas instead of toast. But I’d also argue toast and tortillas". (Hey both is good)
Browning tortilla in cast iron skillet in preparation for burrito ingredients.
  • "PracticalSale2573" would switch out a couple of the main dishes:

"Bread, meat, potatoes, eggs, and beans

Egg on bread Beans on mash potatoes And pork chop by itself

Well instead of Pork chop I would prefer chicken fried steak"

Homemade Country Fried Steak with Gravy and Potatoes

Other comments are just hilarious

  • "Nary a fruit or veggie to see. Yep, nailed it." - Do_you_have_a_salad
  • "Because in Texas, there are no vegetables, just a dinner mint and angioplasty. You forgot the deer sausage" - Antha1969
  • "This feels like I’m dreaming and my brain is trying to make a full English from memory, so it’s almost completely unrecognizable to me but oddly familiar" -Mugcake3

If you ask me, on what MY Texas breakfast consists of, this is what I think:

  • You have to have a piece of toast. TEXAS toast to be precise. (Although....french toast is not a bad option too)
  • Eggs are a great choice too; I prefer scrambled but you can have them however you want like huevos rancheros, or over easy.
  • A stack of golden pancakes,
  • Biscuits & gravy. (It is a southern staple)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Beans
  • And finally...Bacon is always a winner (or sausage if you prefer) but this is Texas. You HAVE to include steak with your meal.

You could make Texas steaks & eggs like Gordon Ramsey if you want.

Will we ever see a definitive recipe for a "Texas" breakfast? Probably not. With so many things to add on our plate. it's like our motto, everything is bigger in Texas.

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