Gordon Ramsey is one of the most respected chefs in the business. Being insulted by Ramsey is considered to be a great accomplishment.

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No doubt, there are some recipes that I would definitely go to Ramsey for- but when it comes to Mexican food, I'll stick to my abuelita's recipes. Such is the case in Ramsey's take on spicy Mexican eggs.

I'm not entirely sure what "spicy Mexican eggs" would be, but I assume they're a sort of rendition on huevos a la Mexicana. I would assume wrong, check out chef Ramsey's creation: "Spicy Mexican Eggs".

It seems weird, but in his defense he does call it a "Mexican inspired" dish- he doesn't necessarily say it's an authentic recipe from Mexico.

In the comments section of the video, many were confused.

I love Ramsay and this looks delicious, but I'm Mexican and I have never seen or eaten it in my life.

Others, who did acknowledge they were Mexican, said that although it wasn't entirely authentic- it still looked good enough to eat:

Being Mexican and growing up on Mexican food my whole life, I've never heard of this dish. But looks pretty bomb. I'd like to try it. Throw some avocado slices on top too.

Because we take our cuisine very seriously, of course, another video was made and this time Mexican moms were the ones critiquing Ramsey:

Let this be a lesson that Ramsey cannot attempt to make Mexican food around our moms, unless he wants to be the one called an "idiot sandwich".

I will say, that this looks a hell of a lot better than Rachel Ray's pozole.

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