I'm all for the Downtown Ballpark.  I know, I'm telling you something you didn't already know.  I've not had any opinion for or against it.  HA!  I crack me up!


Monday night, I'll be at a rally for the Downtown Ballpark, and I hope you can make it.  We've seen some unpleasantness whenever the city has held forums about the ballpark.  Hopefully, this will be a calm rally, and not get crazy if the opponents of the ballpark show up.

So here are the details:




When: Monday, September 17th

Where:  Cleveland Square, across the street from the Insights Museum

Time:  4pm - 7pm

I've been talking a lot about baseball, but it comes down to this for me.  I'm going to be 46 years old next week.  I have to decide where I'm going to live the last 40 years of my life.  Is a ballpark going to make a difference?  Yes, it will.

I've lived in San Diego and Austin, places where there are things to do every second of the day.  The ballpark doesn't offer that, but a 'yes' vote by council offers hope that El Paso will continue to move forward, not stagnate.

Everyone keeps asking "Why not Six Flags?  Why not an amusement park?"  What makes you think the investors who might bring those things to El Paso would do so without tax incentives, or without asking for a break on the price of land?

Another problem is "Why shut out the Tiguas and the Diablos?  Why won't the City get more money per ticket?"  These issues were brought up by my City Rep. Emma Acosta.  She said they were the ONLY things holding her back from a yes vote.  Mountainstar Sports fixed those problems. After Mountainstar announced their concessions, Acosta said, nope, I need something else.  Now, she wants to see the ballpark become part of the November quality of life election.  With all due respect - Emma, you need to sit down.

I'm sick and tired of seeing Emma Acosta and Mayor John Cook act like petulant children who are threatening to take their ball and go home if we don't all tell them how important they are.  Cook has been smugly going in front of tv cameras and saying how he will veto this if he has the chance.  He's a lame duck mayor who wanted term limits removed so he could be mayor again.  Now that he can't, he seems to be intent on screwing things up for the rest of us.  Emma wants to be the next mayor of El Paso, and she figures if she votes against the ballpark, she will win that election.  She might - God forbid - but she will do so in order to help the Tiguas, and the Tiguas only.  Introducing Mayor Emma Acosta, the mayor of the Tiguas, and screw the rest of El Paso.

I understand that not everyone will use the ballpark.  I understand that people are worried about how this will be paid for.  But more than anything, I understand that we are a city on the verge of deciding once and for all to be second rate, low rent, and stuck in the mud with flat tires, or a city that is going to make moves toward the future.

I hope City Council does the right thing.

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