So much has been written about the Triple A baseball coming to El Paso.  Hopefully, this will quiet some of the ugliness surrounding baseball in the Sun City.

Just search the website and you'll find this, and this, and this, and those are just a few of the posts I've written on baseball.  There are a bunch more, but you can search the website for them.


Some of the problems that people have voiced about the ballpark and the baseball team include the location - they would rather Cohen stadium be used; the tearing down of City Hall - they would rather the city not move City Hall; the possibility that property taxes might be used to fund the ballpark - which is not possible at all because it is against the law for property taxes to be used to fund quality of life projects.

There has also been tremendous backlash against Paul Foster and Josh Hunt.  The personal attacks against them have included people saying that they will become rich on the backs of poor El Paso taxpayers - which is ridiculous because they are already very wealthy individuals; they've been accused of trashing the culture and heritage of El Paso because the ballpark will replace City Hall - I don't know about you, but that building has nothing to do with my culture or my heritage; and, finally, they've been accused of working a sweetheart deal in the smoky backrooms of City Council - however, there has yet to be any documented proof that there was any corruption involved in this deal, either on the Council's part or the Foster/Hunt part.

So, okay, you're up-to-date.  Here's what's next:

Today at 3pm, it will be announced that Foster and Hunt will be donating the profits from the baseball team to charity.

I'm sorry, but that is HUUUUUUUUGE!  These guys are worth a lot of money, and they weren't going to be made or broken by this deal, but to donate their profits to El Paso charities, after they've done things like the Paul Foster Medical School, it seems to me that by offering to donate their profits to charity, they are doing even more for the city and it's taxpayers.

There are going to be questions, of course, and those will be answered later today, but for now, you're the first to know latest!

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