Get to know our local artists when you take a tour of the Hal Marcus Studio this Sunday.

El Paso is a treasure trove of talent from musicians, artisans and of course artists. Hal Marcus is primarily one of these artists that have become synonymous with our beautiful city of El Paso. Marcus who was inducted into the El Paso Artists Hall of Fame back in 2003 was born in El Paso and his self-taught folk art style was inspired by his trips across the border with his grandmother as a child. Years later Hal Marcus has not only become a cultural icon for our community but he also mentors young up and coming new artists such as Diego ‘Robot’ Martinez who is known for his graffiti robot style art featuring El Paso landmarks.

During the Hal Marcus Studio open house, you can get to meet both artists as well as tour the Hal Marcus Studio featuring artwork by other local and talented artists.

Check some amazing art this Cinco de Mayo weekend and support our local artists.


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