Alright El Paso, one of our own is asking for support to keep their dream alive! 

In a post shared to the One Grub Community Diner’s Instagram account, Chef Roman Wilcox wrote that the building One Grub worked out of for five years was put up for sale and they now need help with funds to pick up and start fresh in the proper space that their One Grub Community Diner project requires. 

“This building is special to us for so many reasons. Not only has it been our home for five years, but it sits in a location that provides parking, public transportation access, close to communities in need, and garden space. All of which so perfectly fit our mission, providing access to those who need it,” wrote Roman. “We know that where we are is special, but if we can raise enough funds, then our chances of finding the right space can go from impossible to absolutely doable!"

What Is One Grub Community Diner:

In case you’re not familiar with One Grub Community Diner, it is a grassroots social entrepreneurship that started in 2016 as a food truck/market stand. Roman and his wife Adriana are the creative minds behind the diner.

“In 2019, we became a community pay-it-forward diner focused on healthy vegan versions of El Paso favorites. We are set inside of First Christian Church, where we were allowed to expand our mission and vision for healthy food access/education to the people of El Paso,” wrote Roman. “We are in the heart of central El Paso, which is also deemed a food desert. Being there has allowed us to reach a multitude of people from every background and socio-economic status that you could imagine.”

One Grub Community Diner is El Paso's first 100 percent plant-based food business with a heart to provide healthy food access to the people of the El Paso community, no matter their circumstances. 

“Our community-supported pay-it-forward program is in place to ensure that anyone may receive a delicious plant-based meal whether they have the money or not. It is a beautiful thing,” wrote Roman.

One Grub Community Diner was recently in the spotlight as Roman was featured in HBO MAX’s “The Big Brunch.” Roman was one of 10 chefs that were competing for a chance at winning $30K to help them achieve a dream within their restaurant. 

There, I competed for the same reason that I am coming to you today, to save the local community diner and food access project that my wife and I started several years ago,” wrote Roman.

Although Roman didn’t take home the cash prize, he still made it to the semi-finals and he was able to showcase the culture of El Paso in such a beautiful way.

Roman’s quirky and loving personality made him an instant fan favorite and I loved watching him do what he loves to do the most, create vegan dishes!

When I first interviewed Roman he mentioned that the building they worked out of was for sale so he was trying to figure out what was in store for their future.

I saw the passion Roman had for the Diner when I first interviewed him. The way he spoke about how he and his wife both created this amazing project just made my heart smile.

One Grub Community Diner is definitely a one-of-a-kind restaurant that our community needs so I hope that our community can come together to help One Grub continue serving those in need in our community.

“This project is especially important to me because I feel like everyone deserves the right to fresh, healthy food and to be a part of a supportive, loving community. One Grub Community Diner is a gathering place for people to connect over a meal in a place that invites warmth, care, integrity, and respect for our fellow neighbors,” wrote Roman.

If you’d like to read more about One Grub Community Diner or if you’d like to make a donation, Click Here.

One Grub Community Diner


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