With the help of modern medicine, the average human lifespan has increased exponentially over the past few centuries, but now a group of mad scientists predict that a recent breakthrough could hold the answer to keeping humans alive a lot longer – for 500 years.

According to the Buck Institute of Age Research in California, a recent study involving the genetic pathways of the Caenorhabditis elgans worm and the mutation of certain molecules provided an environment in which the worms lived to “the human equivalent of 400 to 500 years.”

Lead researcher Dr. Pankaj Kapahi says that the study indicates there may be a potential for actual “anti-aging treatments,” but admits that much more research will needed before the results could have an affect on human life expectancy.

Researchers say this study could provide them with a blueprint that may eventually lead to humans living between 30-130% longer.

We think most would agree: 100 years is probably just about all the life one person can possibly tolerate. There are days when even that seems too long!