If you love doughnuts or just hate your waistline, Friday, June 4 is your day because Friday is National Doughnut Day – also known as National Donut Day.

Whether you’re a fan of “free” or more of a “free with purchase” kind of gal, there's a donut (doughnut) shop near you observing the day with some gratis doughy goodness.

Some, like Krispy Kreme and Weirdoughs are giving a free free doughnut away. And others, like Dunkin', are doing the free-if-you-buy-a-beverage thing, which isn't really free but if your were going to buy a beverage anyway then, score!

You'll find my list of where to score a free doughnut in El Paso below. And by the way, we don't have nearly as many donut shops as we should. I mean, there should be one on every corner. Mmmm, doughnuts.

The History of National Doughnut Day

And lest you think National Doughnut Day (or, Donut Day) is just a made up “holiday,” there is some real history behind it. The Salvation Army started it in 1938 to honor what they referred to as the "Donut Lassies," a group of women who served donuts to soldiers in World War One. So, it's not just a marketing gimmick. But yeah, it's mostly that now.

Doughnuts vs. Donuts? And Other Fun Facts

Wait, you’re still reading this? Wow. I would've bailed a paragraph ago. Well, if you’ve come this far then let me educate you with a few doughnut stats to go with your coffee or milk.

• “Doughnut” is proper, but “donut” is acceptable. Not acceptable? Poking your finger into my jelly filled.
• Most prefer the shorter spelling, d-o-n-u-t. Because 3 more letters is too much work.
• 1% of us hate doughnuts/donuts (They probably hate puppies and babies, too)
• 34% would never eat just half of a donut/doughnut (The other 66% are liars!)

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National Doughnut Day 2021 El Paso Promotions

Krispy Kreme - One free doughnut, any doughnut, no purchase necessary. Three locations: 9040 B Dyer, 7640 N. Mesa, and the one at the Las Palmas Marketplace

Weirdoughs Bakery & Cafe - One free glazed donut per customer. In the Miner Village shopping center, 2900 N Mesa St, next to Uptown Cheapskate

Hillside Coffee & Donut Co. - One handmade, square donut with purchase of any beverage. 2260 N. Zaragosa

Dunkin' - A classic doughnut with any beverage purchase. Six El Paso locations

Donuts N Boba - Every dozen donuts purchase becomes a Baker’s Dozen (13 donuts instead of 12). 9601 Mccombs

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