That’s right, Fruit Loops donuts have made their way to El Paso and they are legit delicious!

I was recently made aware of these Fruit Loops donuts from a friend who was telling me about how awesome these sweet treats were, so of course I just had to try to see what the rage was all about and whoa, yup they are the bomb donkey kong!

The Fruit Loops donuts come in a pack of 5 and are available for $1.99 (plus tax) at your local Carl’s Jr. These tiny donuts look they have been molded out of Play-Doh but pack a punch of Fruit Loops flavor. They taste exactly like the kids popular morning cereal but my favorites ended up being the blue and yellow flavored Fruit Loops donuts.

I had mine with a cup of green tea but honestly if I wasn’t lactose intolerant (tmi, I know) I would have totally downed these with an ice cold glass of frothy milk. I think these may just be the perfect donuts - thank you Kellogg’s for giving me a taste of my childhood.

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