Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you need some tips on how to ask someone to be your Valentine here is the tip, BUY HER DONUTS!!!

That’s what one El Paso boy did when he decided to ask his fellow classmate to be his Valentine and the internet is gushing over the adorable video.

Courtesy: Lilo Vargas
Courtesy: Lilo Vargas

11-year-old Jayden is familiar with viral videos because his mom, Lilo Vargas, is the creative mind behind “Huevona Life,” a viral social media page that showcases quick recipes for people who just don’t have the time to spend hours cooking.

Lilo decided to record the special moment of her son asking his classmate to be his Valentine and I am glad she did because the sweet moment reminds us how pure and innocent young kids can be.

Jayden had been having a rough week at school and when he had mentioned to a few kids at the school that he wanted to ask his classmate, Sophia, to be his Valentine the kids response was not something Jayden expected.

“He told me that kids from school made fun of him because he was going to get rejected from anyone he asked to be his Valentine because no one likes him,” said Lilo.

The whole situation made Jayden sad but he didn’t let that stop him from asking Sophia to be his Valentine.

Jayden originally planned on asking Sophia during school, but he didn’t end up seeing her at school because of their different schedules so he decided he would stop by her house after school to ask her in person.

He asked me if I could buy her Dunkin Donuts because what girl could resist delicious donuts,” said Lilo.

Jayden was nervous on his way to Sophia’s house but his mom assured him that he would do great and that she would be right there in case he needed a little help.

“When we arrived, he rang the doorbell (hoping it wasn’t her dad who opened the door) Luckily it was her mom,” said Lilo.

The video shows Sophia’s mom opening the door and Sophia approaches Jayden with a big smile on her face. Jayden asked her to be his Valentine and handed her the donuts and Sophia immediately said yes to being his Valentine.

It’s crazy how a moment can change your feelings and your confidence,” said Lilo. 

When Lilo and Jayden got back into the truck Jayden couldn’t help but smile and proudly told his mom, “Mom, I did it. I’m so happy she said yes.”

Lilo decided to share the video on her social media pages and the video instantly went viral!

The video has over 1 million views on TikTok and thousands of likes, comments, and shares on Instagram.

“When he saw that the video went viral he was proud of himself. He was reading all the comments and it really boosted up his confidence,” said Lilo.

Brb…. crying happy tears!!!

This precious story is a reminder to everyone, young and old, to never let a little criticism get in your way from doing what you want and getting what you want to.

In the end, Jayden got the girl despite what other people told him! Way to go, Jayden.

Courtesy: Lilo Vargas
Courtesy: Lilo Vargas

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