I’ve had the pleasure of calling Nadia Ali a friend of mine for quite a few years after meeting her in El Paso for once of her many performances in the Sun City! I’m always shook when she wants to chat with me “just to check in and see how I’m doing.”

The last time we spoke was in late 2016 and as soon as I joined 93.1 KISS FM in 2017, and knew I had the opportunity to contribute to kisselpaso.com, I reached out to her to invite her on the show and chat about her new single with Sultan & Shepard called “Almost Home.”

She said “Would you like the boys on the call? We can make that happen.” I was SHOOK. We spoke about how the song “Almost Home” came to fruition from its beginning point, the dynamic in the studio as they wrote and recorded the single, the possibility of future collaborations between the group of buddies, if and when we would see them on stage performing “Almost Home” live and got down to more important questions like what kinda junk food they like, what they are reading, who is on their current playlists, how they unwind and if they like to party to their own tunes.

Lastly, the trio departs the conversation with a touching message for their Texas fans and anyone struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Check out the full interview below:

A few of my personal favs:

Nadia Ali - "Rapture"

Nadia Ali - "Pressure"

Sultan & Shepard - "Honey Come Back"

Sultan & Shepard - "When We Were Young"

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