A girl can dream right? Who is YOUR number one celeb crush? Here is my list...let's compare!

I know men drive us crazy and for good reason. Some are so irresistable and adorable! This list is my personal opinion and all are ranked on different reasons.

5.) Will Smith- He is straight up talented and hilarious! Any man that can make me laugh is a nessecity!

4.) Jake Gyllenhaal- His eyes are captivating and he is a beautiful man. I prefer the Jake with short short hair and a clean shaven face.

3.) Channin Tatum- Two words..."Magic Mike".

2.) Ryan Goseling- He is super adorable and something about his smile and personality.

1.) Justin Timberlake- Quadrouple Threat! The man can sing, dance, act and is amazingly handsome! Makes him so attractive and irresistable.

Who is on your hunk list?


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