Here's your reminder that Mother's Day is coming up soon!

Mom letter ornaments in a room

In case you forgot, or are putting off getting a gift until the last minute, Mother's day comes up soon. Mothers and caregivers across the country will be celebrated for all the love they've given us- and rightly so. Here in the Borderland, some mothers get twice the celebration.

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Although every year in the US, Mother's Day is always the second Sunday in May; In Mexico, Mother's Day always falls on May 10th. That means if you are of Mexican descent, then you might also celebrate your mamas on May 10th.


Every year, in my house, I try to get my mom to choose between the days; every once in a while I get lucky and both Mother's Days fall on the same day. This year, I decided to ask our faithful listeners to see which one they choose to celebrate Mom on.

A majority of you said you celebrate BOTH! Which I thought was just the most adorable thing ever.

This year when I told my mom to choose which one she wants to celebrate, she chose American Mother's Day, because it comes before Mexican Mother's Day. Let me tell you how that went:

Me: You may choose between American or Mexican mothers Day. You cannot have both!

My mom: which one is first?

Me: American

My mom: that one.

Me: Okay, but I don't wanna hear you bitching on Mexican Mother's Day.

My mom: Ayy you can still just get me a little cake!

In the end, I'll end up celebrating my mom on both days, because I love her and she deserves that and more. Happy Mother's Day to all you Momma's out there- and don't forget to call your mom!

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