Shopping for gifts can be hard for any holiday. Birthdays are even more difficult.

Most people plan to get a gift that really shows they care about whoever they are purchasing it for. At least, that is what I like to do.

Some other people like to just get whatever they see at a gas station and slap a bow on it. No judgment, just saying, it shows the love you have for that person receiving the gift.

I know, I know you might be thinking I sound like a hater to those who STILL managed to get a gift even if it is from a gas station. I'll admit a gas station gift is a good gift when it is for someone you aren't close to.

Yet, if this gift is for YOUR MOM, you better rethink that gas station purchase. Unless it is wine.

Instead of trying to figure out what to get the mom in your life, why don't you just ask her?

Yes, surprises are nice sometimes, but sometimes they can backfire.

Just make it easy on yourself and ask the mom in your life what do you REALLY want for mother's day?

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We took to Facebook to ask our lovely listeners who are mothers to tell us what they REALLY want for mothers day and we hope their family sees their messages.

Mom's Tell 93.1 KISSFM What They Really Want for Mother's Day

Every year mothers receive gifts from their loved ones that they may truly love and may pretend that they do. Instead of guessing what they want, why not actually give them what they want.

We took to social media to ask our listeners what they REALLY want for Mother's Day to help get a better idea on what to spend money and time on, instead of running around grabbing whatever you can last minute.

HELP: Advice for First Time Moms

Some say it takes a village to raise a child, so for a millennial, that means you ask your Facebook friends.

Most of my Facebook friends are my real-life friends and family, so I have no problem reaching out to them for first-time mom advice. I received some great answers and wanted to make sure I could share this advice with those who may also need it.

I created each answer I have received so far into a pretty graphic for a gallery. Maybe other people will want to save these informative words with others, so I made it easy for them.

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