Moms might not wear a cape or have their own comic book series, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have super powers.

They can fight off armies of monsters that live under beds and in closets single-handedly, and heal an ouchie with one simple phrase: "Sana, sana colita de rana."

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My mom always seemed to know when I was scheming or up to no good.

She told me she had eyes in the back of my head, and that she could hear things from the other room and I totally believed her. Her spidey sense, or rather mommy sense, was uncanny.

El Paso Moms and Their Super Powers

I asked the mommies in our listening audience and those who follow us on social media to reveal their mom super power, and let me tell you the X-Men got nothing on moms.

Sara G.
The ability to smell a dirty diaper from the other side of the house with all the doors closed

Lissa Marie
Doing 10+ things at one time and remembering where everyone places everything that they misplace

Valerie Gasson
Giving the kids “the look”

Letty Portugal
Sneezing and peeing at the same time!

Starlynn Lucero-Ortiz
Farting and sneezing at the same time!

Heather Lynn
Functioning without much sleep

Debashis RC Biswas/Unsplash
Debashis RC Biswas/Unsplash

Estela Chacon
Being able to focus in a loud room/ignoring loud noises

Vanessa Gutierrez
Annoying the teenagers by asking “are you okay?”

Karina S.
All the dirty laundry and dishes and everything that’s out of place, I’m the only one who sees them in this house

I make milk.

Oh, snap! Mic drop, Valerie. Happy Mother’s Day. May your bottle of wine be bottomless, and your day filled with opportunities to use the bathroom without being bothered.

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