It is me. I am the new mom.

Birthing babies isn't as glamorous as Hollywood makes it look. No quick, tense scene of, "okay honey, time to go" then skip forward to the one big push, and then BOOM!

A baby.

Maybe that worked out for some mommas, but not for me.

I spent two days in early labor, not being able to sleep due to mild contractions, as my Gynecologist called them. They were NOT mild.

When it was finally time to get my baby Maeve out, I had been pushing on and off for five hours. With two masks on.

Yes, even while giving birth it is recommended to wear a mask, so take that how you would like.

Once I was able to come home with my baby girl, I was hit with a hard dose of reality.

Breastfeeding was tough from the start, being able to sleep was only a dream and I was already thinking I was a horrible mother.

A lot of feelings happened during my six weeks of maternity leave. I am back at work but still haunted about my time off. Some may think it is a vacation, but it isn't. It is a stressful time of recuperation that all mommas desperately need.

Now I have a little human to raise.

Raising children isn't easy. It terrifies me. Without my mother, I don't know how I would be able to keep my job or sanity. I know I am lucky to have her watch my child while I get back to interacting in the real world.

When I have time, I like to record videos to help reach a community I haven't had a chance to truly introduce myself to. The parents of the internet.

I am a brand new momma with tons of questions. I already annoy my friend and family, so I think it is time I annoy strangers on the internet.

That is why I came up with one-minute mom questions.

In just a quick video I like to ask a question to the YouTube audience to see what opinions I will get back. I am looking for actually helpful, judge-free answers but not sure if that is possible.

I've recorded a few so far and hope to make a little series with these videos to help other new, terrified moms get some of their questions answered. If you have a question you would like me to record, please reach out to me at

Mom's Tell 93.1 KISSFM What They Really Want for Mother's Day

Every year mothers receive gifts from their loved ones that they may truly love and may pretend that they do. Instead of guessing what they want, why not actually give them what they want.

We took to social media to ask our listeners what they REALLY want for Mother's Day to help get a better idea on what to spend money and time on, instead of running around grabbing whatever you can last minute.

How to Drive Into the Eastlake Butch Bros During Construction

While Amazon's distribution center continues to take over the Eastlake shoppe center, Dutch Bros Coffee is suffering from certain barriers. I attempted to access the coffee shop from one of the main entrances of the shopping center but was denied. There are orange road blocks in the way to easily access Dutch Bros.

If you miss the only entrance to the Eastlake Dutch Bros Coffee location, you will then have to turn around and go to the Rojas stop light. From there you will then have to make a U-Turn.

Be sure to pay attention because if you are not careful, you will miss the entrance again.

I spoke with an employee at Dutch Bros Coffee who said they have been dealing with construction since their grand opening and are not sure when all entrances will be open. Until then, they stay positive and extremely helpful with serving up coffee, teas, smoothies and so much more to thirsty El Pasoans.

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