Our Pickle Party is right around the corner and for pickle lovers everywhere, it is bound to be a great party. For those who aren't pickle lovers, don't worry- there's going to be something for everyone.

In anticipation of our Pickle Party, I decided to remind everyone of that one time all of us on the Morning Show decided to make a pickle slush. Well, actually I made the slush, everyone else tasted it.

It was all in preparation of Sonic's Pickle Slush they were going to be debuting that summer, so we decided to try and make it ourselves. It was real simple, all I did was blend ice along with some pickle juice and a few pickle slices. It was simple to make, and I have to admit, it was pretty good! Check out our reaction video below.

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I think it's time we bring back the pickle slush and hand them out at our Pickle Party!

Over on TikTok, pickles are kind of the "it" food item right now. You'll find tons of recipes for pickle lovers and right now, the trendy snack is pickles, ice, chamoy and hot sauce- which sounds a bit weird, but I've tasted a pickle slush so I probably shouldn't judge.

So if you're looking for a pickle-y snack- give the slush or this TikTok snack a try and join us for our Pickle Party on Saturday, March 19 at Epic Railyard Event Center. For all the info you need, including how to purchase VIP tickets click here!

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