It is always great to see a fellow Texan become a superstar.

Not sure how Conan Gray really feels about Texas, but he did spend his teen years in Georgetown, Texas, according to an interview with

Gray writes some of the most heart-wrenching, catchy songs I've ever heard. It is pretty obvious Gray takes inspiration from the heartbreak queen Taylor Swift, and has confirmed this claim, along with bestie, Olivia Rodrigo.

I am just finding out Swift calls these two new generation pop stars her kids and I feel old.

I've grown up crying to Swift songs in my teens and twenties, so it is only natural for me to be drawn to Gray's type of songs, even though I am happily married now. Plus my 6-month old daughter absolutely loves "Yours."

I can't say thank you enough for that song to Gray. It has helped put my fussy to sleep numerous times.

A beautifully composed song touches the hearts of many, no matter their relationship status or age. It is the beauty of relatable experiences that makes Gray's music so endearing.

Oh,to be so young, yet so powerful with words.

El Paso fans obviously connect with Gray on some type of level since tickets to his October 9th El Paso show almost sold out. There are a few left if you can manage to snag them here.

If you can't get tickets, you could always try to purchase some merch, which is just as awesome as Gray. Still trying to save up for a "Superache is for Virgins" shirt.

I still think the absolute best merch idea from Gray has to be the "your sweater" sweater, referencing the hit single,"Heather."

That was the first song that intruged me with Gray.

Give Gray's song a listen and try to resist the catchy melodies and lyrical heartbreak that is his music.

If you are lucky enough to go to the concert, don't forget your tissues.

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