Would you dine at a restaurant that was once a spiritualist church whose members, it’s said, opened a portal allowing entities to enter our world? How about a restaurant where supernatural activity has been going on for decades?

There’s such an establishment here in El Paso. It's Monteleone's Ristorante in Central El Paso, and if you're looking for a good meal and a good fright this week “Dining with the Dead” is on the menu for Wednesday and Thursday.

The brave, hungry, and curious have an opportunity to have a meal in the haunted restaurant and watch the episode of the TV series it was once featured on.

Monteleone’s Haunted History

If you’ve ever looked to your right while driving west on I-10 just past Concordia Cemetery you no doubt noticed a building with the 18-wheeler facade and the huge grizzled looking mobster's face staring back at you. That building is home to Monteleone's Ristorante, known as much for its authentic Italian food and Chicago gangster theme as it is for its reputation as one of the most haunted restaurants in the city.

Employees and patrons of the restaurant located at 3023 Gateway West have experienced supernatural activity for over ten years – more so after owners Gary and Laura Monteleone expanded into the adjacent building some years ago and found under the floorboards -- then moved -- a Virgin Mary figure and a 1922 charter for the Texas Spiritualist Association Church.

Dining with the Dead: The TV Episode

Although it has since been cleansed with the help of a psychic, and most of the activity has died down, Gary says things still happen from time to time. But at one point the activity going on at Monteleone’s were so terrifying the Syfy channel’s documentary-drama series “Paranormal Witness” featured the restaurant’s hauntings on its 2013 season in an episode titled “Dining with the Dead.”

Paranormal Witness: "Dining with the Dead" Sneak Peek | S3E4 | SYFY

Paranormal Witness: "Dining with the Dead" Sneak Peek | S3E4 | SYFY

Dining with the Dead at Monteleone’s

On Wednesday, July 21, and Thursday, July 22, the Montelones and Monteleone’s staff will be cooking up dinner each night for a limited number of patrons that will conclude with a short walk next door to the vintage-Drive-In-inspired Blue Moon Theater to watch the “Paranormal Witness” episode that documented the supernatural activity that was terrorizing staff.

The night will include an appearance by Lady D, the psychic and medium who the Monteleones turned to to cleanse the building of its evil spirits. “Dining with the Dead" is by reservation and prepay only. For more details visit Monteleone’s Ristorante on Facebook.

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