Watch Monika’s exclusive interview with El Paso band, Sparta.

Last week on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 Sparta played a special outdoors show in downtown El Paso benefitting the El Paso Community Foundation to outfit local schools in the borderplex with computers.

Local bands Nalgadas and Frontera Bugalu opened up the show that evening but before Sparta took the stage I had a moment to catch up with Sparta band mates, Jim Ward and Gabe Gonzalez. We talked about being on the road, recording new music, Khalid, the local music scene and a few silly takes in between while drummer Cully Symington warmed up in the background.

What I love most about Jim and Gabe is that they really are some of the most down to earth people you could ever meet and I’m not saying that because I’ve known them forever but also because they have managed to stay grounded amidst their musical success and always find ways to give back to our community. As Jim Ward mentioned from the stage that night, “We will always play El Paso for free or for a cause…” and that just makes me love the guys even more.

Check out Sparta’s latest single Cat Scream, which is out now and available everywhere.

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