Below is an intriguing collection of ghost photos sent in by listeners of Mike and Tricia Mornings.

I cannot say for certain if the images are of ghostly apparitions or merely optical illusions. I have published them as they were sent to me along with any accompanying text.

As always, We Report, You Decide!

Hallway Ghost:

"I took this photo back in 2012 at the De Soto hotel downtown El Paso, during a ghost tour. There was no electricity in the hotel and nothing in the hallways in the 5 photos I snapped before getting this image. I had no idea I had captured anything, as i didn't physically see anything when I snapped the pictures. It wasn't till the tour was over and I was going through the pics that I noticed what looked like a female figure in a dress in the distance."

Jessica Hernandez

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Ghost By the Tombstone:

"When taking a ghost tour in the Concordia cemetery I took a picture of my brother along with a transparent friend that seems to be a little girl. She's on the far right of the photo leaning on a tombstone observing us."

Isaac Parra

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Transparent Girl:

"My sister in law took this picture of my daughter. Cannot figure out why it came out this way. If you look at the bottom, you can see her legs but from her head down it's transparent as if she's the ghost"

Krystal Camposano

1800-era Ghost Boy:

"There is what appears to be a boy in 1800’s attire captured at the abandoned church near La Isla Cemetery. You can clearly see the bonnet type hat, suspenders, overalls, and physique."

Michael A. Tiscareno

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Ghost in the iPad

"Ok so my 11yr old son was in his brothers room watching tv with his friend. They were taking selfies and sending to friends when all of a sudden they both came running and screaming out of the room because they said somebody was in the room with them. I didn't have an explanation for them other than it must be my son's reflection but hmmm I don't think so!!"

Rachel Pena

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Face in the Window:

"So a little background, we were checking out an old barracks building. Did the standard "take multiple of the same picture in the exact spot". This is the only one with the, ummm, extra guest. The Windows are painted black for some reason."

Monica Gomez

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Hanks Hallway Monitor:

"At Hanks high school last year during the night and the morning after. Security took the first picture."

Rachel Gaytan Ferreira

Fabens Dark Figure:

"In Fabens, this beautiful two story house a couple of blocks from where I live is haunted and I’ve heard stories from the family that lived it in. Three ghosts are supposedly in this house, a little girl, an elderly man and a lady in all black with black hair. People say they moved out because the little girls were terrified of the things they would see. I took this picture from outside the window and this is the image I got."

Emily Slape

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