Given our area's long and rich history, it should come as no surprise El Paso is one of the most haunted cities in America.

The list of places alleged to be, or proven to be haunted is long.

Homes, schools, apartments, cemeteries, bars and restaurants, and even hospitals -- there is no shortfall of spooky spots in this West Texas town of El Paso.

Many of which local paranormal groups and amateur enthusiasts of the otherworldly have investigated in the hopes of getting photographic evidence of the other side.

If you have recently snapped a pic of something you believe is a ghost or took footage of a mysterious figure in your home, work place or during a ghost walk share the photo/video with us.

Submitted by Jessica Hernandez (2017)
Submitted by Jessica Hernandez (2017)

Pictures or clips you have taken or filmed yourself of ghostly apparitions, inexplicable shadows, and other mysterious things that go bump in the night can be submitted below.

And be sure and fill in the section where you tell us the story behind your paranormal capture.

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