Mike and Tricia Mornings has completed its first ghostbusting of a listeners house for Halloween, and even though there wasn't much in the way of ghosteses trying to talk to our psychic and ghostbuster, we did get a very interesting take on what is living, and not living, in the haunted house we chose.

Our ghostbuster, Allan Martinez from RIPS EP, said that he did feel a heaviness when he first got to the house, but after hours of being in the home with the homeowner, he only got a couple of clips of audio of something falling down in an empty room.

Dolores Whitaker, our psychic, on the other hand, found out something very interesting about the homeowner and her husband, and their child. We were pretty surprised at Dolores' take on the home and the little girl who wanted to stay one more night before she was sent on her way. That little girl is a ghost.

Happy Halloween!

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