"Mommy!" The voice coming over the phone was so clear surely the little girl who said it was right next to the person we were speaking to at the time. But as we'd soon find out, what had started off as a captivating conversation with a listener about ghosts would end in the freakiest way I've ever personally been involved in.

The premise was simple: call in a creep Tricia out with a true, terrifying story of something that has happened to you. Listener Michelle took us up on it, calling in with a tale about children who have haunted the home she grew up in from the mid-70's to now -- when right in the middle of her narrative, it happened. "Mommy!" said a little girl's voice. Michelle ignored the cry, almost as if she hadn't heard it, but we did.



We asked if a little girl was next to her, perhaps a daughter? Michelle seemed puzzled and sincere when she said she was all alone, adding she believed one of the ghost kids had followed her to her new home! Ghost stories have fascinated me since I was a child, but in all my years of listening to others tell them on the radio, never did I think I'd be a player in one, much less have something this paranormal happen to me.

Do I think we captured a voice from the other side on tape? Yes, I do. Do you? Tell me your thoughts in the "leave a comment" box below.



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