Maroon 5 and SZA release music video for “What Lovers Do”


I have no idea how the director Joseph Kahn was able to fit so many ideas into one music video. It begins with Adam Levine chasing SZA as children in a James and The Giant Peach-esque scene then quickly morphs into the duo as adults and the chase continues throughout the short film.


Along the ride, we are introduced to singing animals, a fairytale-like atmosphere and eventually a Godzilla themed scene with Adam as the “monster.”


I feel like the overall story that I understood was a couple of friends that turn into a romantic entity and dance the battle of love while finding out what it is that Lovers Do. The video ends with Adam in a hospital bed and SZA dressed as a sexy nurse! My favorite part of the whole thing is how effortless SZA slays behind the camera especially being considered relatively new to the pop game. Her album CTRL is one of my favorites so far of 2017 and I’m just excited to see her on a commercial pop song so that anyone not familiar with the urban charts has an introduction to this fresh, new, beautifully talented singer-songwriter: SZA.


Watch the video below:

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