Khalid shows his love for the Sun City once again as he reps El Paso's 915 area code in his New Normal music video.


There is no question that Khalid indeed is El Paso's #1 Ambassador, as is evident in his latest music video for his new single, New Normal, where he inconspicuously reps the numbers 9-1-5.

For as long as Khalid's star has been rising, he's been repping the city's area code 915 and incorporated it everywhere, from his tours to his music videos.

The new video shows a slim-looking Khalid sporting dark blue hair and watering plants in a futuristic time. But it's not just the new video that has El Pasoans excited; it's the love that Khalid has for his hometown that shines through.

Throughout the music video, you can see a piece of paper in the background that reads 915, serving as a symbol of affection for El Paso and his fans.


Earlier this month, Khalid debuted New Normal during a live performance for Virgen Galactic's space launch, where he not only performed but got to take an acrobatic flight onboard an N24GA aircraft.

Since last year, Khalid has been making personal and professional strides. From going vegan to winning 5 Grammy's and then took it up a notch by making history yet again this year by becoming the youngest artist ever to reach 20 billion streams on the music platform Spotify.

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Khalid's love for El Paso is never-ending, as is proof in his new video, and we El Pasoans love him back for it - and hopefully, we'll get to see him soon performing in town in the New future.

The single, New Normal, will be included in Khalid's upcoming third studio album - Everything Is Changing, scheduled for release later this fall.

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