When you think of the greatest recording studios in the world; Abbey Road, Capitol Studios, Metropolis Studios are certainly ranked up there. But one name I think absolutely deserves to be up there is Sonic Ranch Studios; just under an hour outside of El Paso.

Sonic Ranch Recording Studio Facebook
Sonic Ranch Recording Studio Facebook

One look at the names they've had come to record is astonishing:

  • Bullet For My Valentine recorded their Scream Aim Fire album
  • The Yeah Yeah Yeahs recorded It's Blitz
  • Gerald Way recorded his only solo album, Hesitant Alien.
  • Portugal The Man recorded their Evil Friends album.
  • Sublime With Rome recorded ALL their albums at Sonic Ranch
  • Other huge names include Taking Back Sunday, The Black Angels, Ministry, TV On The Radio, The Warning among MANY others

Lately they've helped record albums for East TX country star Koe Wetzel; Hell Paso. In an interview with KLAQ, he even stated that about the possibility of going back to record another album in Sonic Ranch. He also released a few live videos from Sonic Ranch.

Whiskey Myers named their 6th album Tornillo, after from recording at Sonic Ranch.

Hell even the country band, Midland, recorded not just an album but they shot a WHOLE documentary of their trip & recording process while at Sonic Ranch. The album's name? Well... "The Sonic Ranch".

For local artists, it's THE place to record. Recently El Paso's Estereomance recorded a whole live album alongside MANY local musicians.

And of course El Paso's At The Drive-In recorded there; their Vaya album was one they recorded out in Tornillo.

We will most likely see MANY more artists record out there; because of the quality of the albums & the caliber of names who have been out there. You can see photos of INSIDE the studios down below.

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Inside The Historic Sonic Ranch Studio in Tornillo

One of the biggest recording studios in the El Paso area is Sonic Ranch Studios located in Tornillo. It has been the sight of many recording artists & when you go, it looks way more than just a studio. Here's a brief look inside at the main recording studios, the equipment & some of the various rooms at Sonic Ranch. All photos can be found on their official Facebook page.

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