Last night after trying to understand the Presidential address, I stumbled upon a segment from Vice News on HBO. Vice news has been visiting El Paso during Beto O'Rourke's campaign and from the start of the Tornillo tent city. They are easy to recognize from their camera equipment.

Multiple stories have highlighted the Tornillo tent city, but as it begins to close down, the media has changed their focus on other outrageous topics. According to Vice News, one man from New York, 66-year-old Josh Rubin, who has spent days just sitting and watching the facility, is our only accurate source of information on what is going on at the tent city.

Rubin moved from New York to El Paso to monitor the situation in Tornillo. He has been here for three months and now he is leaving, as buildings, equipment, and children begin to leave the area. From the opening of the facility, many people have come to the entrance of the city and demanded answers regarding how the children were being treated. While some political officials did get to tour the area, the public didn't seem to get that kind of daily update.

People like Rubin took it in their own hands to help the public get that info. You can still see protest signs on the gates of the facility but it will all eventually come down. While this is happening in El Paso's backyard, we still are not fully aware of where the children are going. All we know is that they are closing the facility as most people wanted.

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