Sonic Ranch in Tornillo is one of the biggest recording studios around El Paso, Texas; just about 45 minutes outside of town. They've seen some amazing talent come by to record; including the lead singer from My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way.

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When did Gerard Way record at Sonic Ranch?

After the first break up of MCR in 2013, Gerard announced that he would record a solo album, which would later be titled "Hesitant Alien". At the time of this writing, it's his only solo album.

Gerard must've had a good time recording at Sonic Ranch because he certainly made one lucky fan's day amazing. It was revealed on social media earlier this month that one lucky fan got to meet the My Chemical Romance singer in a truly amazing fan experience.

Who was the lucky fan to meet Gerard at Sonic Ranch?

On the Facebook group, Welcome to the Black Parade, a group dedicated to the emo band, recently posted an excerpt from an interview with Ricky Munoz of the Tejano music group Intocable. After their show in Juarez, he was invited to come to the studio while Gerard was recording.

He didn't know that Gerard Way was recording so when he discovered that he WAS recording at Sonic Ranch, he brought his son over, who was a huge fan of My Chemical Romance to the studio. Not only did he MEET Gerard, but he was nice enough to perform some songs, and even gave Ricky's son a guitar.

And in case you're wondering, yes. There ARE photos of Ricky with Gerard Way & of his son receiving the guitar. You can read much more of the story from the original post down below.

This story is nearly 10 years old but I'm sure that kid will never forget the time he got to meet one of the greatest emo singers of all time; and got the story of a lifetime. You can see more albums recorded in El Paso here.

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Inside The Historic Sonic Ranch Studio in Tornillo

One of the biggest recording studios in the El Paso area is Sonic Ranch Studios located in Tornillo. It has been the sight of many recording artists & when you go, it looks way more than just a studio. Here's a brief look inside at the main recording studios, the equipment & some of the various rooms at Sonic Ranch. All photos can be found on their official Facebook page.

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