El Paso has been booming with local shops and restaurants. During this revolution, some people still don't want small businesses to thrive, or are just bad people. Local shop, Lalo Élan was recently vandalized and it's frustrating.

Located in Downtown El Paso, Lalo Élan is a cute, cozy shop that offers a chance to take a break with a cup of coffee, while shopping for unique, handmade items. I've purchase a few of the jewelry pieces made by shop owner Elena, who's the coolest chica.

Emily Slape
Emily Slape

I admire her for being able to open up her own shop and sell her own work. Unfortuantly, not everyone sees a local shop as an accomplishment. They see it as a perfect place to vandalize. Elena recently shared a photo on Facebook displaying the damage of the vandalism.

Her front door was smashed in, along with her side windows. This is the second attempt at break-in at this shop within the month. Which completely shocks me and scared me. Her shop is in a pretty open spot (200 S. Sante Fe) which people can see, which I would think be a prime safe location for a shop. Sadly, I was wrong.

In order to repair the shop, Lalo Élan will be holding a benefit pop-up shop, October 5th at Nomu Cafe. You can shop some of her gorgeous items and get yourself some coffee! 25% of Nomu Cafe's French Press coffee sales will be going to the repair fund. If you want to help out with a donation and get yourself some gorgeous jewelry, head down to Nomu Cafe starting at 6 p.m.

Let's continue to fight hate, by showing love to local businesses in our beloved Downtown El Paso!

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