The Christmas season is already here. Cielo Vista mall already has their tree up, along with Santa coming in early to visit. Some other businesses and even my friends, also already have a Christmas tree up. This drives me crazy.

The Christmas music is already consuming stores and radios. The only thing I can do is stay home and be bombarded with Christmas commercials and social media ads. All this is driving me insane.

While looking through my Facebook, one of these social media ads actually caught my attention because it is an adorable ode to the El Paso area. I do have to admit I am a sucker for holiday ornaments.

Local artists, The Great Pumpkin Toad and Lula-Squid have teamed up to create an incredibly adorable Frankie the Mountain Ornament. It's the perfect gift for those family or friends who have moved away. Even a gift for yourself. I love the adorable eyes, the cute little star and the perfect curvy shape that captures the beauty of this iconic El Paso landmark.

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