If you have way too many flying insects hanging around your house this summer, this is one life hack that you will definitely want to save!

In the past, we have shared some DIY repellants/hacks to help keep pests away from your home. A few of these examples include DIY remedies to get rid of skunks, a DIY beer mosquito repellantDIY remedies to get rid of stink bugsDIY hacks to get rid of moles, DIY wasp repellanttick repellantmosquito traps, and even snake repellants. All of which have seen a lot of success. Now, we have another one that just might help you out around the house this summer.

Mosquitoes, flies, and other winged pests can be quite a nuisance during the summer. Whether it is outside while you're having a cookout or them making their way inside your house, they always find a way to ruin the party uninvited. Now, as you can see we have had previous DIY hacks to help keep things like wasps and mosquitoes away, but what about flies?


Flies Are Gross!

For those who don't know, or need a quick refresher, flies carry a ton of bacteria. From the moment they land on your plate or table, they are carrying that nasty bacteria to the surface of the table, food, and even your skin. On top of the bacteria that they carry, they also like to lay eggs wherever they land. Those eggs turn into maggots, and that's not something you really want in your house either. So, aside from trying to hit them with the fly swatter, or going out and buying repellants and fly traps (which can get expensive), how can you keep these pests away?

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DIY Hack To Deter Flies


I found this hack on Facebook, and it actually works. By now, you probably just want to know what it is, right? Okay, okay. According to Housemaking.com, this is everything you need for this trick:

  • heavy-duty freezer bag
  • a sprinkle of table salt
  • splash of lime juice
  • a few coins
  • water

To assemble this, you will want to:

First, fill the freezer bag with all of the other items on the list. After sealing it, hang the bag above your door or anywhere else near your house that is prone to insects. Wherever you choose to hang the bag, just make sure that the spot is somewhere that reflects sunlight. If you want to hang the bag somewhere in your house, indoor lights will also do the trick.

Why Does This Hack Work?

It seems kind of silly that a clear bag full of water and a few coins could actually keep flies away, doesn't it? However, it actually does work. Apparently, shiny coins in water is an unpleasant sight for flies. According to Newsner:

<p>Flies have compound eyes, and as a result the device creates an illusion wherein they don’t want to go anywhere near the bags – or so it’s claimed.</p><p>Let’s take the common house fly, for example. These insects are born with a huge pair of eyes relative to their size. Made up of between 3,000-6,000 lenses, these eyes see the world in a mosaic pattern. Pretty cool, right?</p><p>The coins in the water break create a refraction that confuses them, however, forcing them to leave.</p>
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So now that you know about this little life hack, give it a try to see if you have more luck at keeping the flies away!

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