Graduation season is here in El Paso and my favorite part about Graduation is hearing the inspiring stories that students, of all ages, have to share about their academic experiences that sometimes include struggles that turned into achievements.

One particular college student’s story was shared with us and this student’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the unwavering support of family and mentors. 

Natalia Gomez’s journey begins at El Paso Community College (EPCC). From her first steps into the halls of EPCC to her graduation ceremony this spring, Natalia leaned on her family and professors to navigate the challenges of academia while balancing her role as a mother.

As the first college graduate in her family, Natalia felt the weight of expectation but also the warmth of encouragement from her loved ones. 

With a passion for numbers and a desire to merge it with the business world, Natalia chose to study Accounting, Business, and Economics. However, she faced the initial hurdle of adapting to a new language. 

It was her ESL Professor, William D. Moody, whose guidance and patience helped her conquer her fears and excel academically.

But Natalia's challenges didn't end there. Balancing her studies with caring for her one-year-old daughter, Emily, required meticulous time management and resilience. Yet, with the support of EPCC's resources and her unwavering faith, Natalia not only managed her responsibilities but thrived.

Courtesy: EPCC
Courtesy: EPCC

Now, as Natalia looks towards the future, she sees her EPCC graduation not just as an academic milestone but as a foundation for personal and professional growth. 

With plans to transfer to UTEP and apply her EPCC learnings, Natalia is eager to embrace new opportunities while cherishing the lessons of resilience and community that EPCC has instilled in her.

Natalia’s story is a reminder that with determination and support, any obstacle can be overcome, and any dream can be achieved. Congratulations, Natalia and Happy Mother’s Day, too!

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