I've always liked a sport where I can excercise...and eat at the same time !! Bowling offers me that opportunity. El Paso has 5 places where you can bowl, including Bowl El Paso, Oasis, and in Ft. Bliss, and the last time I went bowling, (2 years ago), I actually bowled a 205 !! Bowling can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, and the Roman Empire, and is now enjoyed by over 95 million people a year worldwide. Don't Say You Heard It From Me But, Did You Know President Harry S. Truman added a bowling alley in the basement of the White House in 1947, (he never used it). President Richard Nixon, an avid bowler, added another one in 1969.  A perfect game in bowling is 300, but the highest you can bowl without throwing a single strike, is 190 !!

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