***Content Alert-Things Are Going To Get A Little Rough Here***

Did you know that Texas has a "State Sport"? Quick, what do you think the "State Sport" is? If you said, "football", you'd be wrong. The "State Sport" of Texas is rodeo. Well, there's certainly nothing wrong with that, I actually have great respect for rodeo and I've been to many.

The problem with rodeo being the "State Sport" of Texas is that we have to share it with other states. Wyoming and South Dakota both list rodeo as their "State Sport". This waters the punch it has down a little bit.

My recommendation? I think we steal an idea from Pittsburgh before it gets to popular and make it our own. It would be awesome if Texas was the only place that took the sport to Texas Sized Lofty Heights!

I'm talking, of course, about "Balls Out Naked Bowling". Yes, the Pittsburgh Naturists are hosting a night of "cosmic" balls out naked bowling. The "cosmic" means its one of those black light thingys, so your thingy will be bathed in a soft purple glow (or you could paint it for a wonderful phosphorescent effect).

Now I don't know how you feel about this, but I can't think of anything more fun than watching a bunch of naked guys (except for the bowling shoes of course) do the running squat that bowling requires, then heave a bowling ball down a lane. Heck, this almost sounds like an old-fashioned family night, where everybody cheers dad on!

I'm calling on your Texans to adopt this as our "thing". We have a chance to really get in on the ground floor and show everybody what we've got (including our testicles). How about it?

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Facebook/Pittsburgh Area Naturists


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