How often do you find yourself staying up late at night, wanting to get a bite to eat, or you need to go to the store? Personally I find myself doing that A LOT. And there are some great stores that I personally would love to see open if I'm out at 2 in the morning.

Chico's Tacos: Let's start with an obvious choice. Not many places to eat are open past midnight; McDonalds, Whataburger & Jack in the Box are the only ones that I can think of. So why not Chico's? It would be the only true Mexican restaurant that's open 24/7 and there's 4 locations in town so there's definitely choices on which one to go to.

Instagram User chicostacosofficial
Instagram User chicostacosofficial

L&J Café: The spot that so many celebrities love to stop at when passing through town, L&J is another restaurant that I can easily see be open 24/7. They usually close at 8pm... can you imagine if a celebrity wanted a late night bite to eat and they stop at the Café? You can easily see more people stop by & post late night selfies with whichever star makes an appearance. Also with Concordia close by, maybe you'll find some late night hauntings...

All That Music: I used to spend HOURS at All That Music just looking at the CDs & records they would have in stock. They always managed to have hard to find stuff that would keep me interested for hours on end. They're only one of the few stores that are still open in town so that's another reason why I love ATM. Problem is.. with being located at the Fountains, they close at 8pm. I think they should change their policy for any late night shoppers who want to listen to some late night jams. Speaking of The Fountains...

The shops around the Fountains: Which ones? All of them!... ok maybe not all of them. Out of the dozen or so places, mine would be: La Madeleine, Cinnaholics, All That Music (obviously), Hana Banana, CraveRocky Mountain Chocolate Factory & Tiff's Treats. Also just looking at Fountains at night is beautiful...

Black Friday Discounts: If you've wanted to take advantage of amazing deals, Black Friday is... well... like Black Friday. Deals & discounts everywhere. There's 3 locations in El Paso & they also have a Denver location; all open from 9am to 7pm. Now I don't mind them being closed on Thursday to restock but we've all had the urge to do shopping at midnight (or later). Could you imagine if they were open 24/7 like how Walmart used to be? People would go NUTS.

House of Rage/Roaring Rage: We all need to let off steam every once in a while; sometimes the stress hits us when we least expect it. If you feel that angry or stressed at night, wouldn't be it nice to go somewhere where you can smash something that's not in your house? I think House of Rage or Roaring Rage would make a killing with anyone showing up late night who really just want to break something.

El Paso Bowling Alleys: I have a soft spot for bowling; I used to bowl when I was little & my mom is EXTREMELY good at bowling. It's always been a family bonding experience for me. I know I'm not the only one who feels that way, many people post videos & photos of them bowling on social media. Whether it's Bowl El Paso, Oasis Lanes or the Ft. Bliss Bowling Center, I think a 24 hour bowling alley could be a great spot to hang out & party when you can't sleep. Especially with Fiesta Lanes being reopened and given new life.

Hopefully the night owls of El Paso will be blessed with more local places open in town.

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