Remember Bowlero Lanes? If you lived in the Northeast side of El Paso then you know how cool Bowlero Lanes was.

Ella Christenson via Unsplash
Ella Christenson via Unsplash

It was the only bowling alley in the Northeast and it was definitely one of the cool hangout spots. Unfortunately for us, it closed down in 2011- and I don't really have any photos of Bowlero Lanes!

To this day, Bowlero Lanes is the one establishment I get asked about the most by friends and family who have moved out of El Paso. And I have to deliver the news that it closed down in 2011- and how now a church is in its place!

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you miss the memories you made at Bowlero Lanes, I have some good news! Bowlero Lanes still exists- outside of El Paso, of course. But it's not a long drive from here.

This is Bowlero, a franchise that is seen in various parts of the country.

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Bowlero is part of the Bowlero Corporation and they say:

Bowlero is a blacklight bowling, retro-inspired hangout powered by interactive arcade games, signature cocktails, an outrageous menu of Oversized Shareables, and... nostalgia.

Sounds like everything you would need in a bowling alley, right?

It looks like the one closest to El Paso is in Scottsdale and Tucson! Okay, so it's more like a six hour drive, but I know many El Pasoans travel in that direction anyway, why not relive some of those Bowlero memories while you're there?

You can find out more about Bowlero here.

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