Sad but true, I have had so much going on family wise I haven.t finished my Christmas list and it's 4 days away! But I digress, and follow these simple shopping rules I have come up with over the years of procrastination.


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    Online Shopping

    Yes, there is still time to order stuff online and get it in time for Christmas, but you better hurry! Places like Amazon Prime offer 2 day delivery for their members. Become a member now and thank me later.

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    Pick Up In Store

    Order online but opt out it pick it up in store. Deliveries to the store tend to be faster than home delivery. All you have to do it get in the car, drive there and pick it up when it is in, simple and no nasty long lines to wait in for regular purchases.


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    Shop Early in the day

    If you do feel brave enough to get out in the madness of last minute shopping, make sure you get up and out early. Usually most people don't do this and brave the stores after work. This is when you should avoid the stores because everyone is there. So get up a little earlier and try to get some shopping in before work.

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    Grab Some Gift Cards

    Chances are if you are a late shopper you forgot someone on your list. Always grab some gift cards here and there, maybe some general ones for a store or some coffee or even fast food places and gift those if you come across and empty name on your list. And while you're at it, grab some blank Christmas cards to put them in.