The holidays are here and before you know it they will be gone! Make sure you add some flare to your holidays with these El Paso favorite holiday traditions!

Credit: Jani Bryson


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    Who doesn't like tamales? If you don't, we can't be friends. I don't need that negativity in my life! But for real, they are delicious! Unwrapping a steamy, warm, tasty tamale is my favortie thing to unwrap on Christmas morning and many El Pasoans agree.

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    Christmas Lights

    Whether you put up Christmas lights and make your home look like The Griswold's in Christmas Vacation or you appreciate others lights for the holidays, they sure are fun to look at. Heading down to Carver road in Las Cruces or the Fred Loya light show in El Paso, taking the family out by the carload to check out the Christmas greatness is indeed a tradition to look forward to!

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    Holiday Baking

    Cookies, cakes, breads, give it all to us! My family is big on baking biscochos for the holidays and devouring them with a nice cup of coffee or hot cocoa while we open gifts on Christmas morning. It really is a family thing when we all gather in the kitchen wanting to help decorate or bake for the holidays.

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    Picking out a poinsettia has got to be one of my favorites I did as a kid with my grandma. We would make a trip to the garden section of any store specifically to find the best and biggest looking poinsettia. Every year seemed to be a contest to get a bigger one that the previous year. And of course keep them away from pets!

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    Festive Alcohol

    This one of course is for those 21 years and older, and must be done responsibly! One of my favorite holiday drinks is a nice wine with grandma (when I turned 21 of course). Seems like grandma plays a big roll in holiday traditions! She also made wine cake, yummy!


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    Opening 1 Gift on Christmas Eve

    Opening one gift on Christmas Eve just to give everyone a taste of what is to come the next morning! So much fun and magic even as an adult, the holiday season is my favorite.

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    Christmas Movies

    I absolutely cannot go on with Christmas festivities if I don't get at least one time watching of A Christmas Story in. I love watching it on TBS when they show it for 24 hours! You'll shoot your eye out kid!